Selling my rebuilt B series engine + o/d gearbox ?

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Selling my rebuilt B series engine + o/d gearbox ?

Post by Not_Anumber » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:57 pm

As I am now going the Rover V8 route I have decided to sell my B series 1800 engine and Overdrive gearbox to offset the conversion costs.

Please can you give me some idea of what these should be worth.

The engine had a serious rebuild in 2009 as part of the last owner's restoration. This is documented and included new; pistons,main and big end bearings, cam chain and followers, water pump, thermostat, core plugs. The cylinders were honed. the head was checked and cleaned and the valves reground. The flywheel was skimmed and a new clutch fitted. It starts and runs extremely well and is about as sound and solid as you can get for a standard B engine.

The overdrive gearbox is in good shape. it was stripped down and inspected at the same time as the engine rebuild and was rebuilt with a new bearing to the 1st motion shaft

It may make sense to sell the carbs (rebuilt in 2012) starter motor and possibly the alternator with this setup also

The mechanical work was carried out as part of an expensive rolling restoration spread over 3 years until 2013. I have the recipts for all of this. The car then had occasional weekend use until 2013 when it was taken off the road. Other than starting the engine occasionally it has had no use since then. The engine can be seen and heard running.

What sort of money should I offer this setup for please ?


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