crazy ingition timing 76 roadster

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mike morrell
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crazy ingition timing 76 roadster

Post by mike morrell » Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:09 pm

.Anyone any ideas ? Had car checked on dyno yesterday as no power over 3000revs, Topped out at 62 flywheel hp @3700 rpm and stayed flat until 4600 then dropped, max torque 94 flbs @3100. no real difference between half and full throttle checked ignition timing and was giving around 22degs static 35degs at 1100 rpm and around 45 degs at 3000rpm ,vacuum disconnected , with vacuum connected i am getting around 35-40 degs at 1100rpm. Car idles ok with current odd setting and does not pink. Have checked that flywheel pulley correctly positioned and timing marker corresponds to TDC. Reset to "correct" static around 8degs and car would not idle and hardly went at all on the road completely flat and horrible. Fuel mixture seems OK which was confirmed on RR.
Engine standard as far as I am aware except had lead free head conversion some time ago, running K@Ns luminition ignition , large bore SS exhaust with single silencer . Something is wrong but can't seem to see what may be obvious to someone . Will check compression when tester arrives

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Re: crazy ingition timing 76 roadster

Post by MGB » Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:44 am

Hi Mike did you get any joy with a solution to your ignition timing problems in the end?

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