New MG owner - Help?!

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New MG owner - Help?!

Post by Amys86 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:54 pm

Have just bought my first MG, questionably off of eBay. I know this is risky but I am already aware of the cars condition which is poor, especially aesthetically. I'm not going to sugar it up, I do not know what I am doing at all and this is the start of a verrry big project (completely from scratch) so I am collecting as much advice as I can! I am going to pick the car up this week. Can anyone help me out with advice MG for dummies style? What do I need to look for and ask when collecting? Gotta start somewhere :) Thanks in advance! :D

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Re: New MG owner - Help?!

Post by MGB » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:11 am

Hi welcome to the forum, we'd be glad to help. What sort of advice are you after? Post any problems you experience and we'll do our best to help.

More than anything else I'd recommend this book: ... hop+manual

It's worth every penny!!

And good luck with the new MG, great to have you join us.

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