Testing accuracy of Tachometer with Dwell Tach Multi Meter

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Testing accuracy of Tachometer with Dwell Tach Multi Meter

Post by jonahnaylor » Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:31 pm

Today I wanted to test if my tachometer is correct.

My Draper multimeter has Dwell and Tach options, so I followed the instructions which are to 'Choose 4 cylinders' on the mulitmeter, then connect the positive lead to the negative side of the coil and the negative lead to the car body or earth.

The results were not what I expected!! While the reading on the car dash was nice and steady at 1,000rpm - the electronic tach meter I'd set up under the bonnet was jumping wildly between 400 and 2000 rpms, dancing around all over the place!

Did I miss something here, does anyone know the correct way to test the tach like this?
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