New member looking for MGB and advice

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New member looking for MGB and advice

Post by Minpops » Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:58 pm

I am sure this forum has a lot of these wanted posts. But I have found from sim forums with my motorbikes that they do get decent views.

My wife and I are currently looking for a condition 2 chrome bumper MGB GT- overdrive or sim a must. Sunroof and leather on wish list but not a deal breaker.

We are genuine private buyers looking to get a MGB into our lives. owned classics previously so we know what getting into. Narrowed it down and fits all the bases e.g. great spares, easy to work on, good choice, can be used with modern traffic, and fits into garage - oh yes looks good as well.

Any advice on what we would need to pay to find a good one welcome as well.

Many thanks for looking.

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Re: New member looking for MGB and advice

Post by MattWhittOldham » Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:39 am

An looking fot a car that needs welding inot to far gone and tax exempt mgb gt I haven’t got much money its been a dream since i first saw an mgb gt when young. Me my dad and grandad used to talk about them and look through the automart as it was called then and talk about getting one and doing it up but that was 20 years ago now and its about time the dream came true unfortunately my grandad is no longer with us but my dad and brother would help the odd hour here and there but i cant afford to pay more than 250 to 400 pounds am not rich which is the reason i never got round to it but i can do Engines and body work and will be using recycled metal and getting things as i go. Thank you

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