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some direction

Post by Michaelk3289 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:25 pm

hello All,

i am brand new to the Mob world and i am looking for some direction

i recently picked up a 1974 MGB roadster

65k miles

3 previous owners

tundra green

no history but clearly a well looked after car, I've done about 250 miles in the last month and infact as an emergency had to use it asa daily driver for 3 days during kids half term, it was great fun

heres the thing, it has no history, i cant believe a car this good doesn't have history, someone somewhere has looked after it

so the first questions is where could i start trying to get some history

the second question, the car came with a spare set 5 x wire wheels with the knock offs, i would love to get them on the car but time and money wont allow, so where would be the best place to sell them

what should i be looking out for and what should i get checked before i do more miles

kind regards

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Re: some direction

Post by Not_Anumber » Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:38 pm

If you are in the UK I would start with DVLA. For a small fee they will send you details of the previous owners and any significant information such as colour changes etc. Writing to the previous owners is always an idea. Many will have moved but you would be surprised at how often people leave a forwarding address. If you can track any previous owners down its worth asking them if they have any old photos with the car in that you can copy. Sometimes you may find someone who has hung onto a couple of old servicing or parts receipts. Also just by knowing the addresses they lived in at the time you can ask around MG owners in that area where these people were likely to have had the car serviced.

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