Ignition switch wiring

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Ignition switch wiring

Post by Rob H » Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:36 pm

This is my first post on a forum and I was hoping that a clever person would be able to help me.
I have a 1978 Midget which has not been on the road for 15 years due to lots of people bodging it.
I have been working on it for 18 months and now I have fitted a new ignition switch as it did not have the correct one so the only way to start it is via the solenoid switch. I have 4 wires going to the switch.
1 Brown
2 White (wired together)
1 Red/white
1 Green/white
I believe I have wired correctly as the warning lights come on and everything works apart from starting the engine.

I am not sure if I have the correct solenoid as I read that the later models have a 4 terminal one and the car is fitted with a 3 Terminal one. I also have a green/white cable by the solenoid not fitted to anything which was like it when I bought the car. I have put a meter across this wire going back to the same colour on the ignition switch but there is no circuit so maybe this cable has nothing to do with the ignition switch.

The question is if this unattached wire is nothing to do with anything and why can I not start the engine from the ignition switch when it start fine hitting the solenoid button.

Any help would be appreciated

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