Help to get engine and gearbox tested in readiness

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Help to get engine and gearbox tested in readiness

Post by mikesmithule703M » Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:48 am

I am looking at someone/ a business to check a part rebuilt 1275 engine, marry it up to the gearbox in readiness for me to " drop" into the shell.
The engine has been fitted with a high lift cam and a gas flowed stage 2 unleaded head, the timing needs to be confirmed as correct, which is the bit that concerns me.
Need some one who knows what to look for if its incorrectly set up, correct it and continue to fit the distributor, Manifold & SU's, the car will be fitted with electronics ignition, with a single box performance exhaust system.

The car has been a project for some time now and I am starting to put the car back together again,but I am now under pressure as I will be losing my garage/ workshop home, so I need to really knuckle down to get the car back together and be somewhat sure that the engine does not keep coming out with me scratching my head as to what is wrong.

I need to do the body work, interior etc. then engine in and get it started :lol:

If any one can suggest a performance shop or mechanic that I can make contact with based on recommendation, please reply back.
I live in Bucks, close to Dunstable and am Ok to get the lumps and ancillary parts, within a 50-80 mile radius of LU6.

I have a deadline of March 2019 to get the car back rolling again, with out me pushing it...

Thanks for reading, I am passionate of my midget and happy to share my experiences and knowledge within the forum.
Regards Mike

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