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Flasher unit

Post by alpinewanderer » Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:09 am

Hi all this is my first post

I have just bought a 1969 series 3 midget . This is my first Midget after having an 67 Alpine back in the early 80s so I thought I would treat myself to something for the summer

All seems well in most departments but I have some problems with electrics.

I cannot get any of the headlights ,sidelights or rear night lighting to work . Initially I had all the lights except the front N/s headlight but after replacing the sealed unit all are no longer working. I thought earth but all are affected .

Any ideas ?

In addition to the above all the indicators illuminate but do not flash . This might be related to the above but I am initially thinking a faulty flasher unit can anyone help me with where the unit is located ?

The reversing lights and the blower fan also don't work but I will start with the switch and work from there as this is not critical

Apart from that I am excited for the coming summer

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